Help center
  • 1. What should I notice when strick a pose for a doll?
    The doll can be bent freely and maintained in various postures, but it should not be kept bent or twisted for a long time. When it is not in use, restore the doll's posture as factory defaults. It is easy to deform or tear silicone due to frequent activities or excessive movement Angle.
  • 2. What should I notice when touch a doll?
    Due to the feature of the silicone material, be cautious when touching the corners of the doll's mouth, eyes, etc. Excessive force will easily tear the silicone.
  • 3. What should I notice when move a doll?
    When moving the doll, please hold the trunk, don't directly drag the limbs or head.
  • 4. If the doll is able to stand?
    As for doll standing, the standing type requires the soles to be completely grounded and worn with shoes. And don't let your doll stand if it has no ability to stand, otherwise it will easily cause damage.
  • 5. What shoud I notice when clean a doll?
    When cleaning the doll, prevent water at the joint of head and neck, or it's difficult to remove. It will cause the internal bones to be corroded, and form the undesirable odor over time.
  • 6. Is it a quality problem that there are holes and seams on a doll?
    The positioning holes on the doll body, the mold seam lines and the partial small stripes are technical issues, which are unavoidable and are not quality problems.
  • 7. Is it a quality problem that there are impurities and stripes on a doll?
    When pouring the silicone, the surface of the doll will have very slight impurities and stripes, but it will not affect the appearance and use. Meanwhile, the shoulders, head, hands and soles of the dolls have slight sealing marks due to the fixation of internal bones, which is inevitable and normal.
  • 8. Is it possible to return or exchange the doll after receiving?
    Because the entity doll is a special custom product, so it will not support "7 days of no reason to return" rules. Once the goods are used, they cannot be returned or exchanged. If you find that the outer packing is seriously damaged before signing for acceptance, please refuse to sign directly. After signing, please open the box and check the goods within 2 hours to see whether the goods are in good condition. If no objection is raised to the manufacturer within 2 hours after signing for acceptance, it is deemed that there is no product quality issue, and no refund or exchange application can be made for any reason. The time of receipt shall be subject to the time of receipt shown on the waybill.